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8 ultimate tips for marketing on Craigslist

Power of Craiglist

Since 1996, Craigslist has become one of the most popular advertising websites. It was founded by Craig Newmark, in the year 1995, as a simple listing of emails for local events. It expanded to web-based service and other classified categories. In the present-day scenario, it is covering 50 countries. It allows advertising post for various categories. The website is divided into different sections dedicated to jobs, personal ads, housings and many more.

All over the world several business owners are using Craigslist as a mode of marketing for their businesses. Starting from small e-commerce websites to big wholesalers, both in online as well as offline mode, have understood the marketing ability of Craigslist. So, if you are thinking of marketing your business on Craigslist, then following are few marketing tips, which you should follow to bring the greatest profit to your

Top marketing tips for Craiglist

1) Research on your products

You should do a good deal of research about your products and services, in google. Try to have a look on some of the best websites to find out what they are saying. Based on this information, write your own content along with beautiful titles and other features. Then in the Craigslist, go to the section that is appropriate for your product and see what the competitors are saying and selling at how much rates. Always be sure to mention all of your product’s features in your ad because anything you will miss to mention, people will think you don’t have that feature.

2) Make your title simple and understanding

There is no doubt that your title is the most important part of your ad. Thus, keep your titles very clear and descriptive while including price and other details about your product. Always try to avoid writing the title in caps. Moreover, do not use exclamation points and whatever that might look “spammy”.

3) Always use keywords

At first, try to find out what all keywords are being used by your customers while searching for your category products. Then, make your title as well as the body of the content rich in keywords.

4) Use pictures

Usually, Craigslist sees a post with heavy HTML code as a spam. Thus, it is best to keep your ad based on text utilizing simple codes. Besides, users love to see ads with pictures and try to avoid post without pictures. So, use the photo uploader offered by Craigslist and upload pictures of your website.
5 Hyperlinking content of your ad to your website
While posting an ad on Craigslist, try to hyperlink any word in your text to your website. And the best way is to link the text to the page displaying the product rather than the homepage of your website.

6) Keep updating your post

One of the policies of Craigslist is that one post should not be re-posted within a 48-hour window. By doing so, your ad will not appear in the search results depicting it as ghosting. Thus, once 48 hours is over, delete your old ad and post a similar ad with different content and titles. Don’t ever forget to delete the older one, otherwise, your post will be highlighted for removal. Always use varied content with different titles and body of the content. Keep your various ads handy in advance so that you can post throughout the week in a very efficient manner.

7) Keep a track

The most important step is to keep a track of your ads on factors like which versions of your ads are getting more leads, how many users are clicking on your hyperlink, and many more. For this, Craigslist offers an important tracking service that is Craigslist Ad Tracker.
Thus, by following those marketing tips, you can make use of this exclusive marketing medium to nurture your business.

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