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Best 10 tips for selling on craigslist

Most of have extensive experience with Craigslist. Sure, it’s filled with scammers, low ballers, hackers and the like. But it is also filled with respetable people who are actually looking to sell or to buy goods, service items etc and people that are offering their service of any kind.You always need tips to get your stuff out of you market or bring people in your service. Anyway around money is money at the end of the day.

So here are tips that make your day easier in order to sell or offer.

1. Go striaght foward on the location you are in look for the State, city that you are in or where you can offer your service or item.

2.Create your CL account for better security.

3.Refresh or delete old post if you have already an account to avoide buried post and fills your dashboard.

4.Always check what other area is nearby you where you can post your service or item Branch it out, the more location the better chance you get to sell.

5.Be careful on the reponse you get, scammers will always be short interes of your post with simple question always go for people who actually are interested and aking good questions remember its a risk for them also.

6.There are always low-ballers always encourage to place your item 10% – 20%  higher remember the word OBO can be very tricky and of course loosing is not an option now these days, A price that your are good with and your buyer as well.

7.Remeber to check your Delivery if it is something that you can delivery on your own perfect always remember to stay in open areas to deliver ,public places etc. Caution is never an error. Also remeber if you are selling big items like furniture take your time to check on how much it can cost to have it picked up its may a good deal on price for you but the buyer has to get that extra money for transportation.

8.Pictures…. The more the better we as buyers love to see each image of what we are buying, you can also take random and leave the best ones for you to send them through email that way you can talk better with your buyer.

9. Check what you are selling if these are collectibles or a real high value please research other places online,Craigslist is all about convinience for both parts-

10.As usual be careful, money orders, paypal or CASH only dont intend to have friends with your buyer not everyone is like you out there. Do not provide any personal details about yourself.

And if your services are being delayed on advertisment always remember there are experts out there to help you post.


Thanks Again Happy posting




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  • Thanks for Helpful Tips. keep sharing your more tips

  • Art Davis

    Nice to read.

    How about posting services?
    How many of them can post 1000 plus ads per day?

    • blank
      Murillo Jessica Murillo

      Yes def we can post 1000 a day


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