Craigslist is in the leading position in the world of free online classified advertising. According to Alexa’s global ranking, Craigslist is in number 72 and it is at number 11 in the United States this year. For this huge popularity of this site, it has become a number one target for the spammers. Though they are updating continuously to fight these spammers, yet they request their clients to posts ads in some specific ways to avoid any misunderstanding and problem. Here are some of the craigslist ad posting tricks and tips for you-

  1. Verify your craigslist account with your phone number and then post ads from that verified account. It will avoid the risk of your ads to go ‘ghost’ and save your time by giving you opportunity of Renewing.
  2. Use different ad description for each time you post an ad on craigslist. This will reduce the possibility of similar posting error, and in turn, auto deletion of the post.
  3. Trying to promote products of your affiliates? Hide your affiliate URL. There are a lot of ways to do that but the most effective is to use a newly registered domain. Then redirect that domain to your affiliate’s URL.
  4. Posting too many ads at a time is one thing you don’t want to do on CL. Give a certain time gap between each batch of posting.
  5. Use pertinent images for your ads. Use of image has a proven success rate for ads on CL.
  6. Another craigslist ad posting trick is, DO NOT post too many ads for a specific product. Over exposure is really a very bad idea. Take at least 48 hours time break to repeat the same ad.
  7. Select the proper posting category. If you don’t, your ads have more chances of being flagged and removed.
  8. Selecting your posting time is another good craigslist ad posting trick. Choose the time wisely to get the designated response.
  9. The titles of your ads must match with the category or it will create problem for you.
  10. Make your ads more natural looking. Always use exclusive images of your products. Because they say, an image can tell a thousand words.
  11. Make your ads descriptive in the right manner. Try to forecast before posting on what are the things your prospective buyer can look in your product. Try to provide all the information he/she might need. Be communicative with your clients through your ads.
  12. Avoid using your company name, phone number or email address in the titles or descriptions of your ads. That will send a wrong message to your prospective clients and demoralize them to give a thought on your product.
  13. Always disclose all the information relating costs in your ads. Having a secret cost is really a devastating idea for any seller on craigslist.

These are the tips for you to make your ads more effective. After all, you are planning to make some business, so do it right.

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