Business has gone versatile now-a-days. That traditional brick and mortar stores are being obsolete day by day. Instead, the business is going online. With the passage of time everything related to a business activity has become of intense competition. Today only a moment’s miscalculation or a single wrong step is enough to outplay a business from the market. But being a businessman, you obviously know better than us.

Craigslist: introduction

There are some things in the world which are beyond the scope of introduction. Craigslist is one of them. There is probably no American who doesn’t have any idea what this thing is. It’s a simple online store where you can buy or sell practically anything. But that’s only the half of it. The insight is deeper.

If you are planning to start your business fresh on CL, you have to know every ins and outs of this site. In simple terms, you log on to this site, open a free account, and post ads for your products. Your products can be brand new or used, doesn’t matter. But the world is not so simple, eh? For instance, you’ve posted an attractive ad for your authentic product but after an hour or two, you’re seeing that your ad is nowhere to be found on the site! And you start to wonder, what black magic is that!

It’s not a magic at all. Youu are simply the victim of flagging. Your ad is gone ‘ghost’.

Ad flagging: what’s that?

Ad flagging refers to your ad being removed from the site or being ghosted so that nobody can see that. Why does it happen? If a user of Craigslist clicked the button ‘prohibited’ on the top corner of your ad, it will go as ‘flagged’. The bots on CL also remove ads when the posts esceed their algorithm threshold.

According to Allen Cook, a Craigslist specialist, there are basically 5 reasons why your ads can be flagged.

  1. Posting in more than one city with the same email ID.
  2. Posting identical contents.
  3. Posting back to back ads.
  4. Being too commercial.
  5. Use of spammy terms.

What to do then?

To avoid this situation, you have one of two options. You can buy a flagging software that automatically flags your opponents’ ads to give you a competitive edge. Or you can appoint a professional flagging service to do the job for you.

Having a software is not bad, but it is less effective. After all, what is a software without human intelligence! So the best option is to leave the job to the professionals. There are thousands of ad flagging service in the market but you must always choose the right ones. By some extreme research we are suggesting some of the flagging services that are very good in the field.


These Craigslist ad flagging service are good in quality, work relentlessly to serve their clients and have a reasonable pricing. You may also find more for yourself. Whatever you do, always take the best decision for your business.

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  • Most of the time the flagging could be done for genuine reasons like spamming but some time the reasons are not understood, Then you understand it’s your competitors who have been flagging you to put down your sales in the market.


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