If your listings on Craigslist are being flagged, then there are multiple potential causes. The Craigslist community is known for over whelming  flagging and it’s not uncommon for a Craigslist listing to be flagged simply because enough Craigslist users flagged the listing as spam. A more common reason is that they consider spam or abusive.

What to do if you are flagged

If your listings on Craigslist are being flagged then there are a few things that you can try. However, it’s important to understand that Craigslist controls flagging that why it’s very difficult and that’s why there are experts for it.

  1. Use a different computer. Craigslist also tracks the IP address from which a post is made so it might help to post from a different computer.
  2. Reduce the frequency that you are posting. If you are posting more than once an hour, then reduce that down to one post per hour and see if that has any effect.
  3. Wait. Craigslist frequently places a temporary ban on accounts or IP combinations. If you’ve tried everything else and are still being flagged, then simply wait stop posting for 48 hours and try again.
  4. Use a different Craigslist account. Sometimes Craigslist will mark an account for flagging. When this happens, any listing created by that account will be flagged. So create a new Craigslist account and try using that account.