Did you know that if you’re not near your computer you can always buy, sell and search for anything you need from iPhone or iPad? There are a few great apps that can get you started now and the features are great:

CPro its a free with in-app purchase  for iPhone or iPad Some features:

  • Browse various categories, search by location, and search in neighborhoods
  • Create new Craigslist posts
  • Notifications for search criteria
  • Favorite posts and add notes
  • Search history built-in

cPro does pretty much everything you need from a Craigslist app and it does it better than the web view. You can quickly search for Craigslist listings, post new listings, and save everything you search for to check in on later. The app is quick, easy to use, and doesn’t include a lot of fluff so you can find what you’re looking for.


Daily is a Universal  new Version of CL for $1.99 some of its features are: Post to Craigslist directly from the app
– Use your iPhone or iPad  camera to add photos to your postings or add photos from your photo library
– Manage your Craigslist ads
- Even use multiple Craigslist accounts

– Realistic newspaper rendition of Craigslist’s full content
– The new iPhone user interface takes advantage of the iPhone 4 Retina display
– Looks great in both landscape and portrait modes
– Smart display feature reformats listings to be more readable and consistent looking

So even if you hire someone to do the job or you want to be checking your post you have the option always.


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