There a few sites where you can post for free ads but the most common are and, both are similar on some aspects like join for free, get an email and password, they both send verification for an account, both have major US cities to post in and ads are free as well.

The difference is that has a major community in the US within service, sale, housing etc most people have the ides CL is more effective due to the traffic it has and it’s the 19th most visited site in the US Meanwhile backpage is the 15th site more visited in the US. Also, CL rules are more harsh than backpage starting off by the verification on CL they ask for a phone number to auto call you to verify the code meaning that they have more strict rules than backpage since they don’t ask for a phone number to verify your account.

Backpage has fewer rules easier to post but regarding CL they have more traffic and results are most effective either you posting on your own or hiring a company to help you out.

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