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Buy Google Reviews to increase your business visibility on Google and earn the trust of your customers.100% Real, Safe & Money Back Guaranteed. Start as low price reviews. Enter the URL of the profile on which you want to buy the reviews. You can select the score you want in the reviews. If you choose several, we will divide the order equally.

In the technologically advanced age, we’re having a smartphone with an average internet connection is considered a basic necessity, setting up a business can be both hard and piece of cake at the same time.

This featured allowed many businesses that couldn’t afford to advertise due to any reason be virtually available by simply asking to be reviewed. Later this feature was publically used, many start-ups made being reviewed as one of their first initial steps to starting up a business.

In order to do so, many start-ups started to Get Google Reviews, which could later make them more virtually available and could fetch their respective field related clients. Many businesses have started to Buy Google Reviews to get the lead start while setting up their business.

How Google reviews works



Choose a plan. You may need some positive reviews on your business page. You may also need some negative reviews to make the reviews realistic. Share your plan with us.


Provide your business details and requirements. As your requirements, we will make some reviews for you. If you want to know more about the subject of reviews, please contact us.


We, the Procraglist team has the concern about your business. Our team is always ready to provide Yelp reviews on time and manage their presence on your Yelp business page.

Buy Google reviews Service We Offer

Get Google Reviews

By using this feature, any business can get reviewed by the services they offer by properly placed keywords to ensure the review turns up in the Google Search and also on all field related services. When an individual or a group of individual Buy Google Reviews, the reviews are written very thoroughly and by using all the necessary keywords to maximize their visibility.

Google Local Reviews

This service allows the purchasing of local Google reviews.

Google Business reviews

This service allows customers to not only Buy Google reviews, but also Buy Google Business reviews. This service gives the customers to get reviews on Google My Business platform. This has a separate list of advantages as different from Google Maps.

Google Map Reviews

This service allows the customer to get their business get reviews on the Google Maps, which practically makes them virtually visible on anyone’s using media whenever they are in the vicinity of the area or searching the business online along with the reviews.

Google Service reviews

This service, when purchased by customers, allows them to purchase reviews on various customer-selected Google Service reviews, which may or may not include certain services that are however notified during the time of purchasing.

Google 5 star reviews

This service allows the purchasing of 5 stars. As Google uses stars to rate, this service makes sure that the purchasing customer gets the maximum amount of rating on the online platform of Google.



$10 $100 Per Month
  • Total 10 Reviews Per Month.


$9 $495 Per Month
  • Total 55 Reviews Per Month.


$8 $1000 Per Month
  • Total 125 Review Per month.


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