Craigslist provides one of the best ads posting services. It offers you posting ads for your business and acquire profits. It is suitable for both smaller and larger business organizations to post their ads regarding what services and products they can offer to the consumers. There are several steps involved in using the posting services of Craigslist. Following are the steps that determine how to use Craigslist posting service.

Step 1: Creating ad

This is the initial step in the process of how to use Craigslist posting service. It relates to the creation of the ad. In the first step, create a text based or graphical ad which discusses the details regarding services and products that you want to offer. You need to make sure at this stage that you leave a certain way for the potential customers to contact you. For this purpose, you can give any of your contacts. You can give your cell number, email address, website, social media account or anything. However, you should ensure that the details that you have given are appropriate and accurate.

Step 2: Choosing site

The second step in the process is choosing the ad. In this step, you need to choose the sections and cities on the Craigslist that you want to post your ad to. Also, in this step, you can determine the amount of the time for which you want to post. Craigslist offers the monthly, weekly, daily and hourly packages for this purpose. You can even contact them for building the custom quotes for you.

Step 3: Track Dashboard and Ads

Focusing on how to use craigslist posting service, this is the stage where you can track your ads and the account balance in the real time on the interactive dashboard of Craigslist. Craigslist tracks all the statuses of the ads and determine if they are going live, are ghosted or flagged. They only charge for the live ads. The flagged ads or the ghosted ads cost you nothing.

Step 4: Profit

This is the final phase in how to use Craigslist posting service. This is the major service that you desire after posting the ads. At this stage, you can sit back and see your website hum, the phone ring, and the revenue enhance. The Craigslist posting services tend to drive the essential traffic that you want to transform in the sales.

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