Kijiji Posting service


Kijiji posting service

Kijiji is basically a Canadian online classified ad website. It is making its market so fast around the world. Online experts are now thinking that Kijiji, within a short time, will be a big competitor of Craigslist and Backpage. You can also promote your product and service here in Kijiji and we will also provide the A to Z service of Kijiji. In a report, it comes out that about 45 million unique people visit Kijiji in every single month and among them, 4.3 million are returning visitors. So, undoubtedly, it can be a big platform to promote your business. It now runs in Canada, France, Italy, China, India, Taiwan, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, Austria, and Japan. Besides, Kijiji started working with few selected cities in the United States since 2007. However, if you want to post your ads in Kijiji, we will inspire you to contact our customer care service so that we can come back to build your business.

Why customer Love procraigslist ?

Expert Team

It is said that a work is only as good as the workers who do it. With a team of skilled personnel, your ad posting service is in safe hands.


You get Report Daily, Weekly & Monthly reports from us. Send you Report checking Url and where we update daily status live Report sheet.

Customer Support

You have a question in mind? You’re wondering whether you should contact us or not? Do NOT hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by email, call or Chat.

Our kijiji Posting Service Included

Housing kijiji Posting

Need rent apartment or Room. Kijiji is the Best market for make a deal Locally perfect places for your Living.

Jobs Posting Service

If you are finding Jobs seeker and right Talent for your company. Kijiji is best website to get Local resume for Canada.

car posting Service

Need to deal local car dealer. Kijiji has million offer local area dealer new or old car. Even, If you want to sell car this listing your car on Kijiji.

Vacation renal Posting Service

Vacation Housing Industry Kijiji is the best website to get fast reservation your Property and You can reserve a rental house from Kijiji

Buy & Sell in Kijiji

To sell online Just post your item on Kijiji get tons of call for your item. Make deal locally.

Service offer kijiji posting service

If you offer Service and the Local customer then Listing your Offer on Kijiji and get Good quality customer Today.



$2 $480 Per Month
  • Daily Post 10
  • Ad Per Month 240
  • Six days In Week
  • Sub area Included


$1.8 $864 Per Month
  • Daily Post 20
  • Ad Per Month 480
  • Six days In Week
  • Sub area Included


$1.5 $1800 Per Month
  • Daily Post 50
  • Ad Per Month 1200
  • Six days In Week
  • Sub area Included

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