Don’t write-up just one ad. Come up with a handful of variations on your original idea and content make it interesting for people to read on it and have them make them apply, This will do a few things for you. First, your copying  will get better the more times you write it,because will get you to get more creative and get that attention your ads needs. The first few ads will probably be pretty bad, simple and not ongoing but somewhere along the way you will probably hit a good flow and turn out something nice and the more our write the more you get attention

Secondly, this will allow you to post more often across different categories without immediately standing out as a heavy poster. Here you will find out why they get flagged or ghosted it’s a matter of seeing what you are doing wrong ,Users will be more likely to read your ads and take them seriously this way.

And finally, mixing it up with variant ads allows you to use our final best practice more advantageously.take a look at other ads what have made them positive and live.

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