Tips and Tricks - Craigslist Posting

Most Common Reason to get deleted on Craigslist


DO NOT post to multiple boards with one Craigslist account.   Sometimes you might have multiple listings in very far locations, which might need you to post to different boards (like Boston vs. North Shore). Posting many ads to multiple board is a NO NO.Unless you have all the tools that can bypass Craigslist rules.

DO NOT post simultaneously using one Craigslist account on multiple computers.  Do not switch computers while using the same Craigslist account within 24 hours.  To be safe, within 24 hours, only post from one location, with one computer, and one Craigslist account.

DO NOT switch between your Craigslist accounts in one location frequently.  Switching between many Craigslist accounts in one location is a NO NO.

Don’t expect 100% go through rate.  A 20% deletion rate is normal, particularly if you are posting every day.  High deletion rate indicates something is wrong with either your location, your account or the ads you are posting.

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