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Craigslist Business – How to Get Start Your Business Online

As the job market continues to look bleak the entrepreneurs are coming out in droves to help those who are losing a job. Or those, who are looking for a way to supplement their current position. What these entrepreneurs are showing us is how to make our own money on our own terms. So if there is money to be made on the online how can you start your business online on Craigslist?

Start Your Business Online


If you’re a savvy shopper and a bit handy, you can start your business online on Craigslist.

First, you must have an item or service to sell. If you want to invest you simply find a product that you can get at no cost or limited expense. Fix it up, and re-sell it through another local venue. This technique takes practice but is well worth it if you can easily fix something torn or slightly worn to look newer and serviceable.

There is free or give away section on Craigslist that should be checked daily in the early morning to obtain the best deals. One trick that many people have learned is to call the cell phone number of the person offering the item and arrange a time for pick-up. Once the item is picked, you do a little work and list it for sale.

You can start your business online through your community, on forums and use classifieds.

Start Your Business Online


All of these are free services offered through Craigslist with a few simple rules. No spamming or repeated ads. Simply set up a free account. Place your ad in the appropriate group. Then add your text. Make certain that the text is catchy, truthful, reasonably priced, and regional. The best-received ads are those that are to the point and contacting the owner is easy. A quick transaction makes for a quick profit.

As ads run from newest to older, you have to update your ad frequently. Possibly twice a day if the item hasn’t sold or the response is weak. In order to update your ad, you will need to delete the older post and write a new one. One thing that Craigslister’s will catch quickly is a duplicated ad. Craigslist business is a great way to make fast and effective cash online.

If you don’t like to buy, sell, or trade items to make a profit then you may be more interested in the ‘telecommute’ section on the site. This is a list of jobs that are available in your area offering different work from home opportunities.

There is another way to start your business online on the Craigslist site.

It is to offer your own business as a merchant. Start an online store and sell your products first on Craigslist. And then direct potential customers to your e-commerce site which will, in turn, build repeat customers for you.

The hardest part about posting on Craigslist is having your ads get flagged off or ghosted from too many postings. Most successful Craigslist advertisers use multiple phones verified accounts. So they can post several ads a day without worrying about their accounts being banned or their ads being killed.

If you have access to a lot of phone numbers then you can verify multiple accounts yourself. For the rest of you, I would suggest buying some Craigslist Accounts. It will definitely help you to be more profitable if you can post multiple ads.

To know more, please stay with us. Thank you.

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