• Offer detailed descriptions. Provide essential information. Give the size, the color, the style, or any other relevant information a buyer might need to make a decision. If it’s a service provide a good deal, why your service is helpful and make it sparkly so people will click on your ad.
  • Be honest. Tell the truth. Don’t promise or sell something that does not guarantee that way you will avoid getting a bad rep on CL
  • You don’t need to post a photograph, but you’re going be more successful with certain items if you do. I spent two months searching for the perfect desk on Craigslist. Pictures, when you are talking about an item, are very important, meanwhile, a banner of your service works fine.
  • Ask a reasonable price. If you’re not sure what’s reasonable, watch Craigslist for a week or two to see what similar items fetch. If you price your item too low you’ll sell it but you will have left money on the table. If you price your item too high you’ll never get a response, so check around your competitors make sure you are being honest and reachable for anyone.
  • You will get many responses, but few will follow through. That’s just how Craigslist works. Don’t let it bother you. Be grateful for the few that do follow through. It’s important to place a phone number also on your ad  this is helpful in case you’re not near your computer always
  • Don’t let buyers talk you into alternate forms of payment. If you’re asking $250, don’t accept a trade for something you don’t need. Your service will have a cost check budgets of your future customers and make a deal but don’t trade otherwise you will never be successful.
  • Post as many ads you can.
  • From my experience, Craigslist is a perfect way to advertise your company, service, Item etc, It´s a community page so if you see your competitors post more than you or you’re not at the top repost because people look for what is easier and accessible, So get a good budget if you are looking to grow
  • Have Fun with Craigslist make changes on your deal, make changes on ads and give specials on holidays, create promo codes something people think that they are getting good deals and will make your income or revenue grow.



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