While starting your own business website design, a good time to take advantage of some personal contacts he had. But after using them, I watched a received e-mail without indications for weeks (or even months) at a given time. I knew I had to sell my business in some way, but could not afford the high cost of Google Adwords and other PPC sites. And so I led my brain for an effective and inexpensive way to market your business method.

Craigslist immediately popped into my head.
Imagine that you are looking for a couch on Craigslist. You could probably look through each of the last messages sofas in approximately 5-10 minutes. Now pause?

Can you catch this?
As a result, there are thousands of potential prospects across America looking for sofas, but because Craigslist focuses on the local population, competes only with a small number of jobs in each city. Besides, you know, individuals are likely to see through each ad. Can you imagine directing that traffic to your website?
Below is a list of seven ways to harness the power of Craigslist for your home based marketing.

1. Post constant

This is one that can not be stressed enough, Craigslist ad file quickly (especially if you live in a major city). Accounting continuously provides regular traffic.
There is a window of five days of traffic ad on Craigslist. The first day was for most of the traffic that you will see during the lifetime of the publication, on the fifth day only spent a few clicks.
Publish date will allow access to the existing daily traffic, together with the transfer of traffic for the last 5 days. It would be absurd not to publish every day, right?
2. Tracking clicks

2. Tracking clicks
It is important to observe how your ads, so you can discover what works and what does not? T.
Without some kind of follow-up, you have no idea why your prospects visiting your website and end up losing a lot of your time.
Craigslist has really attacked in tracking sites like bit.ly links, it does not allow people to make contributions to these links within. But not everyone will let us continue our prevention Craigslist results, right? No! This is why you need to install Google Analytics on your site. Google Analytics tracks not only the sources from which you receive traffic but also a number of other items such as the time a person stays on your website. Best of all, it’s 100% free. (I think we owe Google a maximum of five to one)

3. Discount Lows village
As I mentioned earlier, Craigslist, which is about five days display window. Well, with the lowest populated cities, which can extend the window to 45 days! Remember that your ad is filed when they add more messages to others; So, if there are no people, your ad will sit as king of a secret for forty-five days for all those who wish in this category.
** Pro-tip: Although you do not see any posters in the category does not mean it will not be a spectator!

4. Investigate all relevant categories
Now, this is a sensitive topic. I’m not suggesting you do, but it definitely works.
As a web designer, if I posted my ad in the “Services” O “Creative Services” department received only 1-10 hits. The main reason is that he was surrounded by all competitors in the ads above and below me.
Unhappy, I looked for a better place to post.
Seeing me straight in the eye, he was offered a job? And? Offered Gig? Bordo (that is, if people post when they want a website designed for them). What better place to publish the board by the parties covered? Obviously, this was before Craigslist Terms and Conditions (which is why I would not advise doing that), but it increased my ad clicks from 1-10 50-100 ad!

5. Pay attention to the risk factors
When an ad on Craigslist, Craigslist worries me less catch me and worries me, or my competition gets. We talked about how you can get more visitors by posting in which it was not intended, but in many cases, the ads are simply deleted because of someone brands.
And who do you think is making these ads? It’s competitors.
They know that they are getting results, and do not like. So with the click of a button, you can take the right ad abajo.Esto technique is commonly seen in cities with high population density (more competition).

6.pretend that the local user

If you run a national campaign it recognizes that you can copy and paste the generic ad text for each site. The problem in question is credibility. You will probably get the first sentence, to prove to the reader that you are not just a poster. They disguise themselves as local. If you sell sofas, one might say:

Hello! I am long ** ** CITY NAME residence and simply create a website to sell the cars marked below. I am able to send to you fast too!? Compared?

? Price reduction with fast shipping to Couches.com!?

If I were browsing Craigslist and see option 2, I immediately pressed the back button. The last thing someone wants is an ad. Tin so worried and neat in your ad!

7. Subcontract!

Although it only takes a few minutes to post an ad on Craigslist when posting 25 / day proved to be a rather tedious task.

Pre-write 100 ads and outsource the task to someone who would like to make a cost-effective price!

Check out procraigslist and hire us now!



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