To start with realize that Craigslist, starting mid 2013, doesn’t give any program or application to you to track your Craigslist ads. Fundamentally, all that you can do after you post your promotion is alter, reestablish, repost or erase it. Besides, Craigslist doesn’t rank ads by fame. So where your promotion is set in respect to different ads on Craigslist isn’t an indication of how frequently it’s been seen. Or maybe, ads are time-based – the more current the advertisement, the nearer to the highest priority on the rundown it is.


No less than two administrations claim to help you track your Craigslist ads: Monitor Hits and Craigslist Ad Tracker (interfaces in Resources). From these administrations you get HTML code, which normally shows up as a logo, inserted with an uncommon Web interface that you put in your promotion. This Web interface speaks with the administration and logs how frequently individuals have seen your promotion. Contingent upon the administration, you may be charged an ostensible expense


On the off chance that in the wake of posting your Craigslist advertisement you see a sudden increment in arbitrary, superfluous messages – spam – then that could be an indication that individuals – spammers – have seen your promotion, yet with negative outcomes. A few spammers troll Craigslist only for the email addresses, regardless of the possibility that they’re anonymized. It’s still viewed as best practice, however, to abstain from putting your email address in the body of the promotion, and to anonymize your email address while setting the advertisement. The anonymized addresses stay dynamic for just six months after their creation.


What’s more, humorously, another conceivable sign that somebody has seen your Craigslist promotion is whether you don’t see it on Craigslist after you’ve posted it. Craigslist screens promotion postings by means of Craigslist staff and computerized frameworks. In the event that both of these see an advertisement as spam, they will keep it from going live on the site after you attempt to post it. Craigslist clients have seen this occurrence while never getting a message from Craigslist educating them this has happened. In this manner, some have named such events as “ghosting” an advertisement. In such cases, it’s conceivable that a Craigslist worker saw your advertisement or a computerized framework “saw” it. Yet, in any case, it implies the overall population did not.

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