When consumers use Craigslist, it allows them the opportunity to shop around. And do business with the services that best meet their needs.


Use Craigslist


If your real estate brokerage is not involved on Craigslist. You are missing out on a valuable opportunity to connect with new clients and reach prospects who are shopping around for an agent.

Use Craigslist To Generate Leads

In recent years, real estate agents have been generating leads using Craigslist. Most people think of Craigslist as a website where people only go to sell their old items around the house or shop around for furniture, video games, and cars.


Use Craigslist



Use Craigslist


In fact, there are many things to do on Craigslist that do not involve making purchases. It is also used to do the following:

Help employers post new jobs

Use Craigslist


Help job-seekers to find out who’s hiring


Announce special events

Use Craigslist


Lost and found

Use Craigslist


To chat and post on discussion forums

Use Craigslist


Craigslist is not only flexible on the type of postings they publish. It is also extremely user-friendly.

Setting up a post is as simple as registering, choosing a category, and typing in a basic description of your goods or services.

The relative ease of setting up a new posting has also led to a lot of spamming on Craigslist. Individuals are caught frequently by Craigslist staff posting fake material for a number of scams.

As a result, Craigslist has tightened up their posting user agreements to make sure that their customers are publishing legitimate information.

Posting material in incorrect categories and using it as a spam email server will most likely result in getting an account flagged by Craigslist and getting banned from using it altogether.

There are programs that will teach you how to send out mass marketing advertisements on Craigslist. While side-stepping the user agreement and getting your information past their staff to avoid getting flagged. Not only is this strategy dishonest, but it will also cheapen your services, annoy potential customers, and may take you more time to maintain than it’s worth. It is possible to share your services honestly on Craigslist and generate real estate leads.

Posting successful information on Craigslist is all about timing and making your content stand out.

Most consumers visit Craigslist just before they go to work, during their lunchtime, and in the late evening hours. With that information in mind, it does not take a genius to conclude that those are the best times to post your information.

If you have never seen what advertisements look like on Craigslist. Go there now to get a firsthand look at how the postings are organized. Each posting is organized by day of the week. So the newer advertisements are at the top of the page and the older ones are further down on the list.

The idea of having good Craigslist timing is posting at peak hours and getting your information at the top of the list when the most amount of consumers are browsing.

Now that you understand the best times of day to post, you will need to make sure your information stands out.

If you are posting a new listing, you want it to stand out from all of the other ones on the page. Traditional real estate pages may just post new listings using the address and asking price. On Craigslist you want to think about subject lines that speak to the consumer? Make them think to themselves “Hey, this one seems interesting (click).”

Here are a few examples real estate agents are using to generate leads:

Use Craigslist



Use Craigslist


When they click on the posting it is important to include information that will encourage the consumer to take some sort of action. The call to action will have to do with the type of posting you have published. If it’s for a specific listing, you may lead them to your MLS page or encourage them to either call you or send you an email. If you are looking to build a list of email subscribers, you may lead them to a squeeze page where they can download a free e-book or get on a list to receive updates and alerts about new listings.

When you use Craigslist to generate real estate leads does not take up a lot of your time. It is best of all and totally free. It gives you an opportunity to connect with potential buyers and sellers. Unlike any other social platform that claims to be the latest craze.

So it’s all from now. We are always busy to write blogs to help our visitors to gather more knowledge about Craigslist. So stay with us to get the best output.

Thank you.

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