Craigslist – “Pros”ebay vs. craigslist

  • It’s free.
  • Ideal for selling locally because it’s within your community also
  • You can list just about anything for sale new or used
  • No shipping hassles you can meet to deliver
  • Easy to sell large items there always pick up an option

Craigslist – “Cons”

  • Your ad can be flagged or removed at any time.
  • You may have to continue re-listing your item since ads are pushed further down the page as new ones are posted that’s due to competitors when they pay per ad
  • Possible influx of email spam.
  • Last minute negotiations.
  • Low-ball offers or what we call OBO
  • Buyers that don’t show up.

Craigslist Tips

  • Know which items sell well on the site. Furniture and technology are popular on Craigslist. Smaller items like clothes, shoes, and books are not but each category has their own deal
  • Avoid posting incorrect images of the item.
  • Use the auto-generated email address provided by Craigslist instead of your personal email if you want to avoid a scam or bad rep
  • Meet with buyers during the day in a public, well-lit area.
  • Bring someone with you if it personal if not provide correct address of your business
  • Depending on your business choose different payment methods
  • Do some research on how your competitors are if you’re a business or what are the local prices if your selling personal.
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